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Surgery for Deafness & Chronic Infection of Ear

We are instrumental in offering our patients best and satisfactory services any kind of acute or chronic ear infections which can form root for many other ear diseases. Our ENT specialists are highly qualified and offer the best and appropriate chronic ear infection treatment. The chronic year infection can also lead to severe ear pain, deafness and sometimes vertigo which can be cured completely if treated earlier. We have expert surgeons performing these complex surgeries successfully by using operating Microscope. The treatments and micro ear surgeries performed by us are as per the international standards. The Micro surgical procedures for the ear we undertake Mastoidectomy, Tympanoplasty and surgery for Cholesteatoma. We also make thorough investigations for inner ear problems like Vertigo, Tinnitus and acoustic Neuro fibromos and treat them with most modern technique Our treatment has satisfied our patients to a great extent. We also offer excellent post operative care and follow up treatment.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for Sinusitis & Nasal Polyps

We use the ultra modern and advance surgical treatment methods for the sinus nasal surgery. The advance technique that we use is endoscopic sinus surgery in which the endoscopic device is being inserted into the nose giving a clear view to the surgeons and the Polypoidal masses and growth in the nasal cavities are removed by using micro debrider and laser. The endoscopic device has not only proven effective for nasal surgery but also helps in diagnosing the disease of the throat (Pharynx and Larynx) and Ears. Our ENT specialists hold decades of experience in this domain and make use of advance equipments like micro debrider and laser in treatment techniques. Ample of research has been done in for endoscopic sinus surgery for polyps and growth etc., Surgeons have come up with new technique of endoscopy where the skin is not been cut for the surgery. The surgery removes the benign and malignant growths, bacteria and fungal masses in the nasal and sinus area.

Investigation & Treatment for Nasal Allergy

Nasal allergies interfere with day to day routine works and affects daily life and occupational work very badly. Nasal Allergy can be caused due to many factors like dust, insects, Pollen, chemicals, fungus, and bacterial attacks and food items. These are called “Allergens”. Most of these allergens found in the atmospheric air enters in to the nose through inspired air. Some common food items like egg, chicken, mutton, fish, prawn, crab; fruits, Dhal, vegetables, Turmeric, Tamarind, Tea, Coffee and milk etc., when taken produces nasal allergy to those who are sensitive to them. Some common nasal allergic symptoms are running nose, sneezing, itching and irritation the nose and difficulty breathing through the nose, redness of eyes with irritation and others. Some with headache and wheezing. At our hospital our ENT specialists offer the best nasal allergy treatment to the patients. Our ENT diagnosis center where proper investigation and treatment for nasal allergy is done. Our Allergy clinic is equipped with latest equipments, machines and tools which gives accurate investigation results. We are running well equipped Allergy clinic for the past 20 years. We do skin tests for allergens and identify a specific allergens causing allergy for the patients. We under taken the treatment of Immunotherapy for the allergens identified. Our Allergy clinic is well equipped with facilities like emergency O2 adminstration, Nebulization with steroids and broncho dilators. We have got Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for admitting and attending patients coming with acute emergencies like difficulty in breathing, status asthmaticus etc., We also provide best surgical and conservative management for Nasal Allergy with polyps and nasal allergy without polyps, and other similar nasal disorders and associated nasal pathologies. We do undertake Allergic Test and Immunotherapy for skin and lungs allergies.

Audiology & Speech Therapy

The audiology and speech therapy is offered for treating hearing, and speech disorder patients. People having hearing loss and speech disorder can get the successful and reliable treatment from us. We have a well equipped audiologist speech pathologist where the patients with this type of problem are given proper and quality based speech therapies. At our speech pathology center the patients are diagnosed and their level of hearing loss or damage to cochlea is checked which help our ENT specialists to design the speech therapies accordingly. Our offered therapies have given relief to the patients and have also improved their hearing and speech. This helps them to communicate normally with everyone. These therapies are performed on patients of all ages. The treatments offered by us are cost effective.

Allergic tested & Immunotherapy for Allergy

We have got a well equipped allergy and immunotherapy clinic. Running for 25 years. We have carried out Allergic tests and immunotherapy for more than three thousand patients. The immunotherapy for allergies is given to the patients who suffer from severe nasal symptoms with early onset of dry unproductive cough and wheezing (Bronchial Allergy). The immunotherapy for Allergy rehabilitates the immune system giving relief from the symptoms. The Immunotherapy for allergens clears the nasal symptoms prevents extension of allergy into the Bronchus producing asthmatic attack with wheeze. In severe asthmatic cases Immunotherapy reduce of the severity of the symptom in early cases gives a complete relief from the wheezing problem. We are a renowned and reliable hospital offering the world class immunotherapy treatments to the patients. The treatment services are rendered by our team of expert ENT specialists. They work with an aim to provide complete relief to the patients from their nasal and pulmonary problems. The allergy can be caused due to many micro particles which can be due to harmful bacteria, fungi, pollen, certain chemicals and food items and other harmful air bone infections. Therapies offered by us are as per the International standards. We ensure that the clients get maximum relief from their pain and benefit from the therapy. This therapy is offered at reasonable prices.