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1. Dr. Ilangovan MBBS., MS., DLO is the Founder and Chairman of Paavai ENT Hospital.

1. Paavai ENT Hospital consist of 20 beds and well trained Nurses and Para medical staff

3. It has well Equipped Operation Theatre with Multi parameter Patient Monitor and sophisticated Anesthetic equipment, operating Microscope, Microdebrider, Endoscopic Surgical Equipments, etc.,

4. Hospital has Microdebrider which is used in Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

5. Hospital has carbon di - Oxide Laser, The instrument has been most useful in the management of lesions situated in relatively inaccessible areas such as nose, naso pharynx, Glottis, subglottic area of the larynx, and tracheobronchial tree

6. Paavai ENT Hospital gives you 24 / 7 service to help patient at any time.

7. Well equipped audiology clinic with latest Audiometer

8. Vertigo clinic for the investigation and treatment of Labyrinthine disorder

9. Our clinical Lab is equipped with X-ray plant and Auto-Analyser